Message from our CEO

Barry MyersAccuWeather is an exciting place to work. We are driven 24/7 by the weather worldwide and by citizens from around the globe who have an interest or compelling need to know about the weather. The best weather information can save lives and protect property. Our team of meteorologists, other scientists, computer professionals, and allied disciplines make our weather information world class, surpassing all others.

Our media teams communicate weather information in understandable and actionable ways in and through all digital and traditional media formats, devices, and pipelines, so that best information is translated into the best action for people.

But our team of motivated, excited, and energetic people does not end there. Those in marketing, sales, the arts, and office positions share this enthusiasm.

AccuWeather is all about people. People who work here to create the best information and communication messages through all media and in dozens of languages and unique presentations for people in critical decision-making roles in business, industry, and governments worldwide and the people of the world who depend on our accurate weather.

If you are looking for a career – not a job - and if you want to wake up every morning bristling with excitement and enthusiasm to come to a place where your dedication will be multiplied by those around you – AccuWeather is the place for you.

– Barry Lee Myers